Groping and Learning

More than the embarrassment, the idea that I have neglected someone is humiliating. I know I’m not sociable. I barely talk to anyone except if I have concerns. I am setting boundaries and trying to live peacefully. But I guess that was a wrong move. Befriending everyone is a must. I just don’t think I can pretend and be hypocrite that’s why I try as much as I can to keep distant.

I think I realized how insensitive I am too. I mean, I am always checking up on them and I didn’t notice anything amiss. I am so dense. There was no hint. Not even a twitter update to make me squirm or nervous.

And the most insane part is, I found out the issue after it’s finished and there’s no way I can resurrect myself or my team.

Although I apologized for what happened, it doesn’t change the whole situation. I still am that person who caused discomfort and humiliation to someone. And I am not sure if I can change their opinions of me.


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