Procrastinating Like Usual

I did set up this blog to write. But all I’ve made so far are unfinished stories. I kept on changing my mind about what to write. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll get to sort out this issue.

Right now, I am sitting beside my mom who has been trying to log in to her FB account. I don’t know if she forgot her password or she changed it and forgot.  I think I should be thankful that she came early because I may have been sleeping still if she were not here now.

On an ordinary day, I like to think a day after each shoot is ordinary, I usually stay in bed and get up after lunch. Although I usually sleep around 5 or 6am after taping, I lay in bed awake as early as 10am, reading twitter and FB posts or checking my IG account. As much as I hated the idea, I am a social network addict nowadays. It keeps me informed and entertained. I don’t watch TV. I work for a TV station and it somewhat helps to be unaware about existing shows. I can avoid worrying about the competition. Hahaha!

On an ordinary day, procrastination is part of my routine.


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