Charlie St. Cloud

Of course Charlie St. Cloud is not the first movie I’ve watched this year but it is the first movie of Zach Efron that I saw. I think I love him now! Hahaha!

Apparently I was wrong when I thought this is one of those romantic movies. Charlie St. Cloud is a movie about a young man who gave up sailing along with his dreams to stay in their hometown and keep his promise to his brother, Sam. He promised Sam that they will meet everyday before sunset to practice baseball. He ended up working in a cemetery near their meeting place. Being a survivor of an accident, he developed an ability to communicate with his dead brother. Everyone thought that he was crazy. One day, he crossed path with Tess, an accomplished sailor, and he was smitten. Torn between his feelings for Tess and his promise to his brother, he chose to be with Sam until he found out that Tess has been missing and could be dead. He realized then that the reason why he was seeing Tess because she was asking him to find her. So he ventured to finding Tess which lead him to abandoning his promise to Sam. That’s when Sam finally join the light and in Charlie found Tess and saved her. Happy ending!

Here are some of my favorite lines in the movie including that of the interviews and comments of people involved in the production:

You can’t put life on hold. It doesn’t wait for you. ~ Charlie St. Cloud

You must think about why. Why did you get a second chance? God just doesn’t show off. There’s got to be a reason God gave you a second chance. ~ Florio Ferrente (Charles St. Cloud)

Keep an open mind and an open heart. Keep your eyes open as you go through life. ~ Allison Dubois, author

Part of you dies when you lose somebody that you love and often they stay to almost resuscitate that part of you and to say you know what it’s okay, I’m okay and you rejoin the living now. ~Allison Dubois

Death is really not an end point. It is a transition point. ~Loud Auerbach, Parapsychologist

Sometimes when we hold on to people who are gone, it hurts us and it hurts them too. ~Ben Sherwood

You are not abandoning them (dead loved ones). You have to get on with your life. You have to live. And you’re not doing them any service by not living. – Burr Steers

Life is precious and you take advantage of every second. ~ Burr Steers

What’s in the book and what’s in the movie I think is sort of an imagination, its a version of what might be. Who knows if its true. It makes me feel better to think that maybe this is how it works. ~ Ben Sherwood, Author of The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud


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