Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

I got invited to this event by a friend. The truth is I wasn’t planning to join since it was Saturday. My mom and I usually meet up during Saturdays to have dinner, watch a movie and catch up with our lives. But the idea is making me curious especially when I saw the photo of an open air cinema screen. Although Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pretty in Pink have been popular movies, I couldn’t recall ever watching it in full. So the idea sort of dig in.

It was crowded when we reached Nuvali. We were treated VIP. We found a spot in the middle of the field complete with mats, bean bags and pillows. The free food and drinks were overflowing not to mention we brought a lot too.The movie started around 5PM. Even in broad daylight, you can still see the screen clearly and the sound was perfect like you’re in a movie house. While the movie was playing, we were too busy taking pictures. Hahaha!

This sure was fun! A gathering not just for couples and friends but for the whole family too. Can’t wait for another event like this.







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