Can We Get Married?

I have been avoiding Korean dramas since I started working last October 2012. I’m certain that I can never stop myself if I try to start. But I had a short vacation last yuletide and I was itching to know what’s new on line so I took a peek and as expected I got hooked again.

Can We Get Married is a romantic, family drama. It tells the story of a young couple who wants to get married, Sung Joon (as Jung-Hoon) and Jung So-Min (as Hye-Yoon). In 20 episodes, this drama revolved around the ups and down of planning a wedding, the conflict between the families of the couple, more of the mothers, and some close friends. It was longer than I expected. But I finished watching all the episodes. Sometimes, it’s just out of habit that I try to go through the whole process of watching. Even if I have anticipated the ending, I still continue to watch until the end. There were a lot of episodes that were dragging and sometimes the conflict just seemed too shallow to have this huge part in the drama. The whole story can actually be presented in 5 episodes or less. But I enjoyed the rollercoaster of emotions while watching this. Some parts are funny, other times heartwarming, annoying mostly if the episodes deal with mothers and other times romantic like you want to get married too. Maybe this is not that perfect but the positivity reverberates in this drama. So, I would suggest this for watching. Don’t bother thinking just try to feel the characters. It works somehow.


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