My last work was February 25. It was quite busy after that. Post production matters. The following week was a bit hectic for turn over and paperworks. But after that my life simply slowed down from fast paced days.

I have been staying home for four consecutive days now. Not that I hate being at home but it’s beginning to get tiresome. The truth is I have been sitting or lying or sleeping the whole day. I don’t have interests in watching TV or listening to radio. And when I get interested, it’s just my phone that keeps me busy. Social networks! I haven’t found interest in reading too which is a surprise because I have several ebooks waiting for my attention. I did watch some movies but they can only keep me glued for two hours or less. Even my Korean drama addiction isn’t kicking in when I started surfing for new shows. It was fun in the beginning but I worry that this habit becomes my lifestyle.

I was planning to go on a trip today. But all of a sudden, an emergency meeting concerning work was announced. So I’m moving the trip tomorrow and I decided that maybe I should see some people rather than be at home with no company.

How weird this is. I used to complain about not having enough time to sleep or having too much work to do or meeting too many people but now that I have the time. I can even do this for a month or more. I couldn’t seem to do the things that I was dying to do while I was working. I don’t think I approve this bumming around phase. It’s not healthy.

I started out running when I stopped working then got sick so I had to stop and recuperate. Lately, I am trying yo find the motivation to run again. Maybe next week. Hahaha!

I think I need to go back to work soon. I’m drifting into a habit that I don’t think will be helpful. And I am thinking of people that I should never be thinking in the first place. I am remembering everything that I did and sometimes I feel like I regret making those decisions which is insane! I did what I have to do and it’s for the best. I keep reminding myself about that.

I hope tomorrow will give me back the excitement that I need or maybe the motivation to at least lose weight. Hahaha!


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