Easter Sunday!







After three consecutive days of work, I decided to stay home from Maundy Thursday until Black Saturday to take a rest, reflect, read lots of ebooks and watch movies and Korean dramas. On Good Friday I felt I need to at least sacrifice, after all it’s lenten. I ate crackers, apples and cookies until Black Saturday.

Believe me I wanted to sleep all day if my eyes would only permit. But too much of something is not good so I did what I have been dying to do! I read the ebooks I purchased last February.

I didn’t know Colleen Hoover and Meg Cabot until I started reading last Friday and yesterday. I cried a bucket over Slammed. I broke my heart and fell in love with Hopeless. I laughed at Every Boy’s Got One and melt down on Boy Meets Girl.

Slammed. I didn’t know what the word meant when I opened the book. I realized as I witness the lives of Lake and Will in the pages that slammed is all about poetry reading, something relative to rapping not just reading, more like a declamation but it is a poem. I expected a teenage romance when Colleen presented the main characters: Will and Lake. It was pretty cute in the beginning and I thought the main conflict of the story was the relationship problem of a student and a teacher. I was losing interest until tha spotlight turned on Julia and Ken, mother and brother of Lake. Adding the background of Eddie, Lake’s bestfriend, made the story more interesting. Eddie’s life can be a separate book from Slammed, a foster child who have been to several families. Colleen can actually milk it. Anyway, after all the prejudging, I found out Slammed is more than a romantic novel. It is about life, family, values and death and life after losing your loved ones. Julia Cohen is a great inspiration and so is Will and Lake and the lives they lead after the death of their parents. Being young parents themselves and giving up their dreams to take care of their brothers is the most altruistic of all deeds.

Hopeless was pretty awesome too. The story started from a mutual attraction between a very shy girl and a problematic boy. Later on the book, you’ll realize why they have a certain connection even on their first meeting. Turned out they both have a past and their lives were closely related when they were younger. I like how the whole love story turned into resolving the mysteries in Sky’s childhood and past. It’s inspiring beyond words. Considering all the heartaches and pains both characters went through, they stood up together and faced their lives stronger than before. The lesson on this one: Life goes on no matter how tragic and painful your past is. You draw strength from all of these experiences to move on.

Meg Cabot’s books surprisingly are more focused on 30 something single women, all looking for a happy ending. Well, I found them all funny. Maybe because I can see myself in some of those characters, my dillema as they say.

Every Boy’s Got One. This is so hilarious! The constant fight of Jane Harris and Cal Langson were written with absolute wit. I was laughing from start to end. Of course, it did get cheesy on the end when both admitted they fell in love with each other. It was written in a diary and email messages which looked quite mess up in the beginning but ulimately became bearable as you on reading. Same with The Boy Next Door. Although these stories weren’t so touching or meaningful, they certainly entertain. Better than nothing.

By Easter Sunday, I was so hooked on books that I had to drag myself out of the house. I visited my parents and had a decent meal. It was time to be back to normal. My fasting and reflection days are over. Hahaha!


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