Falling in Love with Lee Min Ho

I don’t remember being insanely in love with an actor when I was in school. I admired a lot of popular stars and drool over them but not to this extent. I know I’m too old for this but what the heck. This adoration gives me such happiness and excitement that I cannot explain so I’d like to keep doing this until the feeling wears off which I think will be a long time.

It’s funny how my fan mode immediately turned on everytime the name of Lee Min Ho is mentioned in any conversations or if a photo of him becomes visible or a video of him and his shows flashes in the screen.

How did I fall for this six footer skinny guy?

The very first Korean drama that I ever watched in full was Stairway to Heaven. It was probably the most painful and heartwrenching story at that time. I remember how my brother laughed at me for crying a bucket over this drama. It took me weeks to get over the whole thing which led me to setting aside watching another Kdrama. Not until Kim Sam Soon came that my curiosity got the best of me. It was hilarious and I had so much fun watching it. I watched Coffee Prince too because of Gong Yoo. But these were all I’ve seen when Gelli de Belen-Rivera and I struck a weird conversation at work about Korean dramas.

I can’t remember what show Gelli and I were working together at that time. It was probably Panday Kids for all I know. But I remember her lending me a dvd copy of Boys Over Flowers which started this craziness over Lee Min Ho. We were both excited at the idea and she insisted that I watch it. She said I should start with it and that I will never regret seeing it. There were other dvd copies of Kdramas and movies that she made me borrow to watch. I took all her advice on what to watch and she taught me where to watch online too. Our conversation at work usually starts with all the gushings and squeling over some Korean actors and the story, conflict and climax of some dramas we were watching. I guess we became sort of close because of all these topics about Korean dramas.

Boys Over Flowers. I wasn’t so keen on watching BOF particularly when I saw how many episodes I had to go through. Because I was working that time and I can only spare a few hours, I thought it took forever to finish watching the whole drama. I was trying to squeeze in watching BOF everytime I had the chance and there were instances when I don’t sleep at all just to watch the episodes. Little by little, I grew fonder of Go Joon Pyo. His curly hair, cute smile and the temper were ravishing and I can’t get enough of it. Soon I was looking through the internet for more Lee Min Ho dramas. I opened a Twitter account so I can follow his twitter account @ActorLeeMinHo. I started searching for channels in YouTube that usually post videos of him. I watched Personal Taste and bought a dvd copy of it. I loved City Hunter and Faith too. I even tried watching Mackerel Run, his drama way before BOF. Too bad I can’t find a link or copy of Sam and I and ET. I also bought an iphone when I heard about the Lee Min Ho application. For a while, it was in my phone until I changed to iphone4s and accidentally deleted the said app. I also have a Line because of him.

Yes! He swept me off my feet and it keeps on getting stronger! I am head over heels, crazy about him! Saranghae LEE MIN HO! ❤❤❤

Credits to the owner of this photo. Not mine. I just edited this.
Credits to the owner of this photo. Not mine. I just did some editing on this photo.

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