Taping Like Usual

Friday, June 21

Working like usual. It’s been raining everyday since Tuesday. This weather hampers work. We’ve been facing delays on our shoot. But no matter how terrible the weather is, the show must go on particularly now that it’s been showing progress in terms of ratings. For some reasons, everyone seems curious to find out who the real Anna Karenina is. I really don’t know. And even if I know, I can’t tell. It’ll remain a secret until the show reveals it.

Wednesday, June 26

Now on our third day of taping. Three consecutive days of shoot since Monday. One of our artists got sick already. We had to change our schedule from a boutique to school sequences. We’re taping in Central College of the Philippines. It’s humid around here but we’re coping up. Everyone’s in a good mood. There’s plenty of food coming in from friends. The crowd isn’t so rowdy as I expected. We’re hopeful to finish our schedules for today.

The ratings are doing good. We hope to kee it up like that.



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