Alex Meets Lana

I made a promise that I will no longer tolerate malicious thoughts. But right now, its inevitable not to drool over this woman standing beside me. She’s probably Asian. I’m speculating. She has black hair, bronzed skin and a face of an angel. Her brown eyes looks sad but whenever the camera flashes it shifted into an expression of wildness and sultry that leaves me in awe.

The advantage of being a model is that you can re-invent yourself and act differently in front of the camera. A change in clothes and accessories will give you a look far more sophisticated than your real self. I love the feeling of superiority it gives me. But the feeling only lasts while you are being shot. And after a while it gets tiring. Posing. Smiling. Acting tough, innocent, sexy and so on. It is all a fake me. Don’t get me wrong. I love this job. But it’s a high maintenance work. You have a career if you stay fit, supple and stunning.

So as I was saying, this woman I’m modelling with for today is oozing with sex appeal. Her name is Lana. I heard from the photographer. We’re shooting a sexy ad for a new cologne brand. The shots based on the briefing will be about a man and a woman, almost naked and on the verge of making love. Its awkward to be caressing someone I don’t know. But her scent is provocative and she’s agressive, never shy in doing what the photographer asks her. How am I going to shut this thought of kissing her when she’s too close. I can feel her skin and I can smell her hair. She seems oblivious to the fact that I’m a stranger. She acts like we’ve known each other for a while. She looks at me with those pleading eyes, longing to be touched. Of course, its an act but why do I feel the urge to respond. I can’t concentrate with this closeness. There is something about her that I can’t seem to explain. I am drawn to her which I find astonishing because I have always been immune to beautiful women at work. Is it lust? I must be crazy. I hate having these thoughts. I hope we finish this shoot before it gets uncomfortable for both of us. I will try to focus my attention to the photographer.

“Focus Alex!!!” My agent called my attention because the photographer is starting to get pissed with me. Shit! I am out of my wits today. I had to apologize for my lack of concentration. I am so embarrassed. In the corner of my eye, I can see Lana smiling. She’s enjoying my embarrassment and discomfort.

We are on to our last shot. I can’t wait to get away and be as far as I can from this stunning woman. She’s intoxicating! Holy cow! I remembered seeing the last frame for this shoot. I need to kiss her for real. As soon as the thought sinks in, my heart begins to beat faster like it’s going to pop out of my mouth. How hard could kissing be? It’s not like I haven’t kissed anyone before her. I hope she doesn’t hear my heartbeat. It’s getting louder and faster as my lips gets closer to touching her lips.

Wow! Feeling like I am kissing for the first time. I had to close my eyes when my lips touched hers. She opened up her mouth and enjoyed our kiss. I had to stop myself from smoldering her. She tastes like mint. Her lips so soft. I can’t seem to get enough. My kiss is starting to get deeper. And before I lose my head on this kiss, we’re done. Thank God! I hate to be slapped because of a kiss. She moves gracefully and before I can come up with something to say, she leaves.

I am regretting as I watch her walk away. Should I stop her and introduce myself? Should I ask her name? Her number? Should I ask permission to get in touch? I feel so stupid. Why do I feel flustered when she’s near. I can’t seem to start a simple conversation with her. I need to have that courage now. Do something Alex!

“Lana! I’m sorry. Did I introduce myself? I’m Alex.” It sounded urgent. So she stopped and looked at me. I went to her, extended my hands. We shook hands. I look funny. She smiled and said, “I know. Your agent told me.” And I was at a lost for words when she looked at me. As I continue to stare in disbelief, she managed to say, “I have to leave now. Do you need anything?” Speechless. I shook my head and wave goodbye. There goes my chance. Gone like a wind.


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