Meeting the Man of My Dreams Part 1

I should have written this on the night of Lee Min Ho’s My Everything Global Tour in Manila last July 6, 2013 but I was too ecstatic and overwhelmed by the experience. I really don’t know how I got home from MOA to QC.

Last year, Lee Min Ho came to Manila for the first time and had a fan meeting in Smart Araneta Coliseum. Around August that year someone promised me a ticket to this big event. Unfortunately, it was just a promise. So when October came, I found myself ticket-less and in the middle of doing my first soap as an Executive Producer. I had to make a choice between work and Lee Min Ho. It was probably meant to happen because I couldn’t get a ticket for the show. Even someone like Dingdong Dantes told me all tickets were sold out. So I accepted my fate, sadly I wasn’t going to see Lee Min Ho. I envied the people who made it to Araneta. I had to content myself with reading tweets and FB updates.

Come 2013, Leizl Hao, a friend since high school, was so eager in watching the CNBlue Concert in June. Since I’m also a fan of the actor Jong Yung Hwa, I was easily convinced. But before I purchased the Blue Moon concert ticket, the news about Lee Min Ho’s global tour concert came out in Twitter. The same friend informed me. I was at a dilemma whether to push through watching CNBlue or just save my money for a VIP seat in Lee Min Ho’s concert. But I was curious about CNBlue too. I ended up watching them last June 26.


When WilBros announced My Everything concert, I called their office and reserved a ticket. Printing of tickets were still on going at that time. When the tickets were ready, I was hesitant to claim it. I was having second thoughts because of the VIP seat cost. I sort of delayed purchasing the ticket. A week before the concert, that’s when I finally decided to go for it. Upon reaching the office of WilBros in Roosevelt Avenue, I found out that there were only two slots remaining for me to choose from. The first option was in VIP2 middle part around 7th row and the second was located in the 5th row last seat. Imagine my regret when I saw the sitting arrangement. I had no one to blame but myself so I ended up purchasing the middle seat. Hoping I could see Lee Min Ho more clearly.

Everybody from work including my friends knew I was going to a Lee Min Ho concert alone. Crazy I know.

July 6, 2013. I arrived around 5:45PM in MOA Arena. I thought I was too early. I was shocked to find people lining up on the gates. Some were even shouting Lee Min Ho’s name. Excitement was over pouring everywhere especially when some fans saw Lee Min Ho’s bodyguards roaming around the Arena lobby. I managed to grab some snacks in Starbucks while waiting for the gates to open for entry. Past 6PM, the gates were opened. We lined up and brought out our tickets. I looked around and realized I’m not the only crazy person in here tonight. There were many of us and some were older than I am. Hahahaha!

I met an Indonesian fan while waiting in line. She told me that it’s her first time to visit the Philippines. She can only speak English. She specifically flew in just to watch Lee Min Ho’s concert. She’s flying out to Indonesia after the concert. She was far more crazier than I was. Hahahaha!

I reached my seat number. Checked all my phones and camera. I wouldn’t miss a thing. Having seen a CNBlue concert beforehand, I can say that Lee Min Ho’s concert wasn’t as wild. I mean, he started out with a ballad. Though the screaming were as wild. But what the heck, I didn’t came to compare. I was screaming even before Lee Min Ho came out singing his firt number “My Everything”.

To be continued…



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