Single at 34


Some years ago, my dad used to remind me these:

1. Never to get pregnant while still in school;

2. Finish school and have a degree;

3. Find a work that pays well;

4. Marry at the age of 26;

5. And have children before you reach 30 years old

I did the first 3 items. But totally ignored the last two. Hahahaha! I just haven’t met the man of my dreams.

I am single at 34 years old. Never been engaged or married. Never been a mother to any child. Quit judging and making assumptions why I’m still single because I will tell you myself.

I am not a man hater. I don’t think I’m ugly neither am I stupid. I am very normal, just a regular working human being. I am not a loner. I have friends, believe it or not. I’m quite popular. I’m bragging. Hahahaha!

Modesty aside, I had suitors as early as 12 years old but I fell in love once in highschool, once in college and once when I started working. My first love was unreciprocated so I concentrated on getting higher grades to ignore the feelings. In college, it was a mutual understanding but he graduated ahead of me and got married while I was still in school. It was painful and I was broken hearted big time! My first and only serious relationship happened when I started working. A complicated relationship for a first boyfriend? Stop! I know. I was young, in love, gullible and foolish. It lasted for almost 12 years. I endured it for as long as I can. I used to think that life will end without him. Unfortunately, I was wrong. One day, I woke up my fears all gone and realized how crazy I have been so I called it quits. No regrets. Apparently, my decision to be free made me more happier and stronger.

Being single is a choice and a deliberate decision and I am not closing my doors to any possibilities but I am also prepared for the inevitable. I am unafraid to grow old alone and without children. If this is my destiny so be it. I have lived a life with love and I’m glad I had the privilege to experience that. It took a while for me to realize that I should also live to love myself. It may sound selfish but it’s true.


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