On Being A Friend

What kind of a friend I am depends on the kind of friendship you are offering. I can bare my heart and soul. Show you how great I can be beneath my flaws and all. Let you judge me, trample or laugh at my absurdity but still I will remain caring and understanding towards you. Fight for you until the end. Keep your secrets until I die. But forgive me if I may have secrets of my own that I cannot tell but rest assured it has nothing to do with you. I remain loyal no matter what but please understand if I don’t share your opinion. I choose to believe my conviction even if everyone is against it. But betrayal in friendship is something I cannot forgive. I would rather be confronted than listen to sugarcoated lies. Believe me when I say that I can turn my back on you if you betray me. So don’t let greed and lies turn you into someone I despise the most. Don’t let me become a cruel person.


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