Losing Patience

I pray to have more courage, more patience and more understanding. I pray to have more faith not only to myself but to everyone around me. I seek forgiveness for all the ill thoughts that I have. I apologize for the hurtful things I say. I try as much as I can to never break my silence but like any other people, I find it futile to be indifferent. Aggression and hostility are two intensifying feelings that seem to cloud each day. Hypocrisy will never be my thing. If at some point, I have come to ignore you as a person and avoided looking at you, I think it’s a cue that I have had enough and I do not want to take any more shit from you or from anyone. How many chances do I owe you? Until when do I need to take all these? What I don’t understand is how can you be around people when you’re selfish? How do you go about stepping on other people? So please be considerate. Be kind. Be mindful of the feelings of others. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? How would you feel if we reversed roles? Karma is a bitch. I always believe in it. Don’t expect pity from me because I will certainly laugh at you when karma strikes.



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