My First Sunrise in Sagada



14 thoughts on “My First Sunrise in Sagada

  1. Ma’am I know it’s inappropriate to ask you here in your blog but I just want to ask how I can be part of your team. I want to write and share interesting stories like you do. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks!

  2. I’m sorry for not being clear. Can I just ask for an advice instead? I am a Nurse but a Mass Communication graduate as well. It had been a while since I graduated Mass Communication but I want to go back to this field. I think this is where my passion is. I am sorry and I know it’s inappropriate for me to ask advice through your blog. But I will greatly appriciate it. Thanks.

  3. Ma’am last question po, Do you think I can apply even if I don’t have professional experience in production? If ever i am done with my wordpress site where I will post my own written scripts and stories, can i ask you to critique it for me. Just a thought po. Don’t worry po i’m not a stalker or a bad person.Really sorry for the trouble.

    1. What I can help you for now is for production part lang. Pero kung tungkol sa scripting ibang unit kasi ang may hawak nyan. Ibang team ang creative. Hindi namin sakop.

  4. What I was thinking po kasi is to start as a production assisstant for me to gain more knowledge about the craft. Given the chance I can learn to branch out to writing.

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