Baler, Aurora

I went on a trip with my Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Team last July 9-10, 2016 to Baler, Aurora. We were twelve in the group including myself, Jing, Bel, Nicka, Mau, Ecka, Shaina, Karel, Klangklang, Tara, Nathan and Mary Ann. We coordinated our trip to Extreme Outdoor Club Travel & Tours who cater for group trips and offer cheap rates to maximize our trip. For 2,500 pesos per head, we were provided with transportation, accommodation and a tour guide. Some entrance fees were also inclusive in the package. 

We met at 11PM in 7 Eleven beside GMA Network building along Timog Avenue. By 12MN, we were on our way to Baler. Not all were comfortably sitting since we were fourteen inside the Nissan Urvan. 

By quarter to 6AM, we arrived in Diguisit rock formation hoping to catch the sunrise. We just took some pictures then proceed to Arboretum of Aurora in Ermita Hills. It was in Ermita Hills were evacuees ran to save themselves from a tsunami. To get to the cross, we had to trek. Picture taking and sightseeing overlooking the view of the sea. 

We had our breakfast in town where a line of carinderias can be found outside the gate of Museo de Baler. At 60-80 pesos you can get a decent meal. After breakfast, another picture taking on the Baler signage then we went inside Museo de Baler. It’s a small museum where history, relics such as paintings and old photographs of  renown people in Aurora. 

Then we visited Doña Aurora House on the other corner to check some relics and paintings and took pictures. 
We went to Smart Beach House after where we checked in. For a group of twelve persons, we were given treee rooms. Two rooms on the ground floor and one on the second floor. 

By 10AM, we were leaving for Ditumabo Falls, Mother Falls of San Luis. It was a short drive but the trek was an hour to get a glimpse of the falls. It was a rocky trail but on most parts there were cemented trail from the dam. 

Ditumabo Falls is magnificent. Taller than most falls that I’ve visited and surrounded by rocks. As expected, the water was cold. We didn’t stay long. On our way back to the parking lot, it started raining. We had to stop for a while but ended up walking through the rain to get down. 

The rest of the first day was spent in the hotel, sleeping and some were drinking and playing cards. We only went out to get dinner. 

The next day, we were up early because of surfing lessons and swimming. We ate breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. By 9AM, we were all dressed up for swimming and the guide introduced us to some locals who are surfing instructor. Last year I was also in Baler but I didn’t get to explore it because I couldn’t stay long due work. I didn’t try surfing back then. I dread the water but this time due to peer pressure, I gave in and tried it. It wasn’t that scary mainly because I know how shallow the water was and how small the waves we were riding. 

After surfing, we checked out and proceed to find somewhere to eat lunch. Then we were brought to some souvenir shops.  

Our last destination before leaving was Balete Eco-Park where a huge Balete tree is the main attraction. You can get inside the tree through large openings in the trunk. If you’re adventurous enough, you can also try climbing it. 

It was one enjoyable and memorable trip with my team. Everyone was eager to cooperate with the itinerary. Our 6-hour trip from Manila was worth it. 



Pico de Loro Residential Condominiums

Pico de Loro Cove is part of Hamilo Coast found along the shorelines of Nasugbu, Batangas. This community is a subsidiary of SM Land Inc.

Built between the sea and lush mountain range are four residential, low rise condominiums named Myna, Jacana, Miranda and Carola. Situated at the center of these low impact structures is a vast man made lake.






























Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

I got invited to this event by a friend. The truth is I wasn’t planning to join since it was Saturday. My mom and I usually meet up during Saturdays to have dinner, watch a movie and catch up with our lives. But the idea is making me curious especially when I saw the photo of an open air cinema screen. Although Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pretty in Pink have been popular movies, I couldn’t recall ever watching it in full. So the idea sort of dig in.

It was crowded when we reached Nuvali. We were treated VIP. We found a spot in the middle of the field complete with mats, bean bags and pillows. The free food and drinks were overflowing not to mention we brought a lot too.The movie started around 5PM. Even in broad daylight, you can still see the screen clearly and the sound was perfect like you’re in a movie house. While the movie was playing, we were too busy taking pictures. Hahaha!

This sure was fun! A gathering not just for couples and friends but for the whole family too. Can’t wait for another event like this.