My Worst Flight Courtesy of Cebu Pacific

Yesterday, January 13, 2015, was my worst experience in flying with Cebu Pacific Airlines. I was expecting a two hours delayed flight the most because it was common on domestic flights but noone prepared me to wait for more than six or seven hours to get boarded. From 1045am flight to Kalibo, Aklan, we ended up in a 5pm flight. I even have doubts if we were going to make it to Kalibo on time for the Ati-Atihan show organized by GMA Regional.

We were taping on January 12, Monday and finished the shoot in Cavite around 3am of January 13, Tuesday. I went home to rest for a bit and prepare my things. By 7am, I was in the middle of traffic going to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I met with the rest of the group in Terminal 3. We were a group of 8 travelling to Kalibo, Aklan including three artists, a parent, an artist handler, a production assistant, a regional staff and myself. By 9am, we were lining up for check in. Around 930am, we were having breakfast at Army Navy located near our assigned gate of boarding. While waiting for boarding time, there was an announcement of delayed flight. They said there will be 30 minutes delayed but it was almost an hour after that we heard our names for last call of boarding. We somehow missed hearing the announcement of boarding. We boarded the plane and were all comfortably seated. All set to leave. I was so sleepy to pay attention. I fell asleep and woke up. I noticed that the plane is not moving. The flight attendant announced that they are waiting for permission to fly from Kalibo. I fell asleep again ignoring the delay. I woke up to an announcement and murmuring of people. We were asked to deplane after sitting for more than two hours in the plane due to technical concerns. When everyone started to get their things and lined up to exit, they wanted us to sit down again and wait for further instructions. What the f— Cebu Pac?! Make up your mind!

We were all transported back to the airport past 2pm. We were hungry and sleepy and bored. They announced a 4pm flight. By this time, there were angry passengers bombarding the Cebu Pac staff with questions. We left the passengers lounge to find a restaurant to eat. Another announcement was issued. Our plane will land at 420pm in NAIA and we will board at 450pm.

We had lunch and stayed in the restaurant past 4pm but no announcement of boarding. By 5pm, we went down to the passengers lounge to check the status. The regional team in Kalibo is worried since the show was scheduled to start at 730pm. The other passengers were screaming at Cebu Pac staff. We opted to stay away and just enjoy laughing at our misery in the airport. No Cebu Pac staff seemed to know how to remedy our situations. There were more critical situations than ours. Other passengers were left by the plane they have been waiting for the whole day. I understand the anger. 

The regional staff coordinating with Cebu Pac was asking for a change flight at 6pm via Philippine Airlines if they cannot assure a flight at 6pm. By 515pm, we finally boarded and this time the plane arrived in Kalibo, Aklan.

I would have to think twice about taking another trip with Cebu Pac. I would rather spend more for a PAL flight rather Continue reading “My Worst Flight Courtesy of Cebu Pacific”


To My Anna Kareninas ❤️❤️❤️

21 September 2013

Dearest Anna, Karen & Nina:


Congratulations girls! Or should I say ladies? Wag muna siguro. Stay young, carefree and happy. Wag nyong madaliin ang pagtanda.

On the way to Yakimix, Nina was asking me last night kung di daw ba ako nalulungkot na tapos na ang Anna Karenina. Sabi ko nalulungkot syempre. But unlike when I was starting na iniiyakan ko ang mga shows ko na nagtatapos, ngayon I see every ending as an opportunity for everyone to grow and succeed more. I also realized that ending a show doesn’t literally mean an end to everything. A lot of the people we worked with in the past kept in touch and remained friends. Maliit lang ang mundo ng Entertainment. Kita mo naman kasama ko kayo pareho ni Barbie sa unang mga shows ko bilang EP.

When they assigned Anna Karenina to us, sobrang excited kaming lahat gawin kasi somehow may idea na kami sa story. Mas lalo pa kami na-excite nong nalaman namin ang casting. Tapos nalipat pa sya sa prime time slot. Pressure nga lang.

Sa umpisa may mga skeptical sa line up ng casting. Ako naman I just started thinking when Sunshine Dizon, Karen herself, told me na parang mas swak daw na si Barbie ang Karen. When we finally made a decision to switch the characters natuwa ako na masaya si Barbie maging Karen at si Krystal maging Anna. But Nina has always been for Joyce. Walang kumontra.

Dahil nagkatrabaho na tayong lahat before, akala ko alam na alam ko na kung ano ang kaya nyong gawin. Pero sa unang araw ng mga tapings nyo nagulat ako kasi pinaghandaan nyo talaga. Iba iba ang atake ng bawat isa sa character. Very unexpected. Overwhelming. Sabi ko ang ganda ng show na to! Lalo pa nong napaiyak nyo ako. Mababaw ang luha ko pero hindi ako madaling maantig. Maluluha lang ako kapag naantig ako. E naluha ako sa mga eksena nyo taping pa lang! Ibang level yon. Hahaha!

Si Anna ang unang sumalang sa iyakan galore na mga eksena. Infairness sa luha mo parang di natutuyo. Umiinom ka lang ng tubig bago umiyak tuloy tuloy na ang luha. Si Karen din pag umiyak parang me gripo sa mata. Sasabihin lang saglit po tapos ayun na ang luha! Susme! Pati naman si Nina, pag lumuha give na give. Partida singkit ka pa. Peace! :p

Of course, mamimiss ko kayong tatlo. Mamimiss ko yong mga hagikhikan nyo at asaran sa standby area na nadidinig ko kahit anlayo ko na sa inyo. Yong mga harutan nyo kahit naka-lapel na kayo, ang iingay nyo lagi. Minsan nagwoworry ako kapag iyakan ang eksena tapos tawanan kayo ng tawanan pag blocking baka di kayo maiyak. Pero awa ng Diyos kahit anong harot nyo pag rolling na in character na ulit. I may not have been always around para makipagkulitan at makipagtsismisan pero alam ko kung gaano kayo ka-close sa isa’t isa. Natutuwa rin ako na magkakaibigan ang lahat, even the other casts are friends too. Naging madali ang buhay namin. Naging masaya ang set kahit puro drama at madalas mabigat ang mga eksena. At tingin ko, that closeness has transcend even on screen kapag may mga eksena kayo. Imagine kung magkaka-away kayo sa set. Malamang katabi nyo ako sa standby area. Hahahaha!

Wag kayo malungkot. We will work again soon. Pero sana habang hindi ninyo kami kasama ay manatili kayong mapagkumbaba at mabait. Alam ko old news na to pero paulit ulit kong sinasabi to sa lahat ng mga artistang mahal ko. Marami ang nabubulag ng kasikatan. Maybe yong iba unconsciously, di nila napapansin and before they realize it nawala na ang ningning nila. Wala na rin gustong makipagtrabaho sa kanila. Palagi nyong iisipin na behind all your success, there are people who worked hard to help you reach where you are. Madaling sabihin na di po kami magbabago pero mahirap panindigan. It would really mean a lot kung puro kind words ang maririnig ko about you girls. So please try to stay grounded. Be kind and I hope you girls remain friends kahit tapos na ang show. Mahirap humanap ng kaibigan kaya treasure the good ones you’ll find along the way.

Eto pa pala, just because we told you na magaling kayo hindi ibig sabihin sa mga darating na shows e deadma na kayo. Iba iba ang characters ng bawat palabas kaya iba rin ang expectations. Ang acting katulad din ng tao naggo-grow. Hindi pwedeng Anna Karenina mode pa rin ang acting nyo sa mga darating nyong shows. Master your craft. Continue learning and experimenting. Huwag kalimutan ang puso sa pag-arte. Iba pa rin kasi kapag nakakaantig ka ng damdamin. You can fake the tears but with emotions, the viewers will know when it’s fake. You have to immersed yourself into the character so you can portray it better.

It’s been a pleasure working with you girls. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences together! I look forward to working with you all soon. Goodluck!Keep in touch.



Invited kayo sa house warming party ko sa December. To follow muna ang details bilang ginagawa pa e. Hahahaha! Pero sure daw December tapos yon.

Taping Like Usual

Friday, June 21

Working like usual. It’s been raining everyday since Tuesday. This weather hampers work. We’ve been facing delays on our shoot. But no matter how terrible the weather is, the show must go on particularly now that it’s been showing progress in terms of ratings. For some reasons, everyone seems curious to find out who the real Anna Karenina is. I really don’t know. And even if I know, I can’t tell. It’ll remain a secret until the show reveals it.

Wednesday, June 26

Now on our third day of taping. Three consecutive days of shoot since Monday. One of our artists got sick already. We had to change our schedule from a boutique to school sequences. We’re taping in Central College of the Philippines. It’s humid around here but we’re coping up. Everyone’s in a good mood. There’s plenty of food coming in from friends. The crowd isn’t so rowdy as I expected. We’re hopeful to finish our schedules for today.

The ratings are doing good. We hope to kee it up like that.


Unsung Heroes

March 25, 2013. It was one momentous day of my life that I will never forget and will always be proud of.

I met and shoke hands with high ranking officials in Philippine Navy. I was introduced to soldiers who specialized in various fields like flying, ship maneuvering, combat, training and so on. They were all present and ready to lend a hand to my team and for that I will always be grateful.

On the deck of PS35, if I was only more observant, I may have remembered the names of these soldiers. They do have name patches in their uniforms. They were dressed in combat uniforms. All set for battle. They carried their weapons with dignity and pride. I was too busy, too distracted to notice anything. But when the aerial shot was done and we were travelling back to the port area, that’s when I took this photo. They weren’t actors. They’re the real NAVSOG. The unsung heroes.


Groping and Learning

More than the embarrassment, the idea that I have neglected someone is humiliating. I know I’m not sociable. I barely talk to anyone except if I have concerns. I am setting boundaries and trying to live peacefully. But I guess that was a wrong move. Befriending everyone is a must. I just don’t think I can pretend and be hypocrite that’s why I try as much as I can to keep distant.

I think I realized how insensitive I am too. I mean, I am always checking up on them and I didn’t notice anything amiss. I am so dense. There was no hint. Not even a twitter update to make me squirm or nervous.

And the most insane part is, I found out the issue after it’s finished and there’s no way I can resurrect myself or my team.

Although I apologized for what happened, it doesn’t change the whole situation. I still am that person who caused discomfort and humiliation to someone. And I am not sure if I can change their opinions of me.