My Worst Flight Courtesy of Cebu Pacific

Yesterday, January 13, 2015, was my worst experience in flying with Cebu Pacific Airlines. I was expecting a two hours delayed flight the most because it was common on domestic flights but noone prepared me to wait for more than six or seven hours to get boarded. From 1045am flight to Kalibo, Aklan, we ended up in a 5pm flight. I even have doubts if we were going to make it to Kalibo on time for the Ati-Atihan show organized by GMA Regional.

We were taping on January 12, Monday and finished the shoot in Cavite around 3am of January 13, Tuesday. I went home to rest for a bit and prepare my things. By 7am, I was in the middle of traffic going to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I met with the rest of the group in Terminal 3. We were a group of 8 travelling to Kalibo, Aklan including three artists, a parent, an artist handler, a production assistant, a regional staff and myself. By 9am, we were lining up for check in. Around 930am, we were having breakfast at Army Navy located near our assigned gate of boarding. While waiting for boarding time, there was an announcement of delayed flight. They said there will be 30 minutes delayed but it was almost an hour after that we heard our names for last call of boarding. We somehow missed hearing the announcement of boarding. We boarded the plane and were all comfortably seated. All set to leave. I was so sleepy to pay attention. I fell asleep and woke up. I noticed that the plane is not moving. The flight attendant announced that they are waiting for permission to fly from Kalibo. I fell asleep again ignoring the delay. I woke up to an announcement and murmuring of people. We were asked to deplane after sitting for more than two hours in the plane due to technical concerns. When everyone started to get their things and lined up to exit, they wanted us to sit down again and wait for further instructions. What the f— Cebu Pac?! Make up your mind!

We were all transported back to the airport past 2pm. We were hungry and sleepy and bored. They announced a 4pm flight. By this time, there were angry passengers bombarding the Cebu Pac staff with questions. We left the passengers lounge to find a restaurant to eat. Another announcement was issued. Our plane will land at 420pm in NAIA and we will board at 450pm.

We had lunch and stayed in the restaurant past 4pm but no announcement of boarding. By 5pm, we went down to the passengers lounge to check the status. The regional team in Kalibo is worried since the show was scheduled to start at 730pm. The other passengers were screaming at Cebu Pac staff. We opted to stay away and just enjoy laughing at our misery in the airport. No Cebu Pac staff seemed to know how to remedy our situations. There were more critical situations than ours. Other passengers were left by the plane they have been waiting for the whole day. I understand the anger. 

The regional staff coordinating with Cebu Pac was asking for a change flight at 6pm via Philippine Airlines if they cannot assure a flight at 6pm. By 515pm, we finally boarded and this time the plane arrived in Kalibo, Aklan.

I would have to think twice about taking another trip with Cebu Pac. I would rather spend more for a PAL flight rather Continue reading “My Worst Flight Courtesy of Cebu Pacific”


Welcome 2015!


2014 is one challenging year. Until the very end, I am still conquering time and trying to meet the impossible but I have no right to complain. My blessings are outpouring throughout the year. There may have been snags and pain but not enough to break my spirit. Nothing comes easy. Behind the hardships there are beautiful memories worth remembering each day. There are experiences that I faced myself and never regretted because I acquired learnings.

I took part on three beautiful shows in 2014: Rhodora X, My Destiny and soon to air Once Upon A Kiss. Jennylyn Mercado was a revelation. The efforts she and the other cast gave to the show were overwhelming. They were very supportive until the final day. I could not deny the chemistry of Mark and Jen as well as Tom and Carla. My first out of the country shoot happened in Singapore for My Destiny. Bb. Joyce Bernal remains to be one of the most grounded and down to earth director. I am in awe with her ideas in My Destiny. Working with her again in Once Upon A Kiss was a blessing. I look forward to seeing our show on air this year.

I finally conquered Sagada and Banaue Rice Terraces. It was the most memorable out of town trip this year followed by Baler and Cebu City.

I made new friends and lost some along the way but nonetheless I remained hopeful. I had to let go of some people as much as it pains me to see them go.

Let me thank you all for being a part of my 2014. This year will never be awesome without you all.

To my family, thank you for the unconditional love, patience and understanding. My brother got married and we gained an instant family member. It was the best decision he made and we were there to support him. My parents made time to be there and set aside their differences.

To my friends, thank you for keeping me sane and happy, thank you for being my distraction when life gets tough. It gets easier each day when you know you have friends to lean on.

To everyone at work, I love you all and I am so grateful to have you around. If I fail to notice your hardwork or show my appreciation, I apologize. Forgive me if I may have been cruel to you at some point. Know that I regret every harsh words that I had to say. Understand that we aim for the best always so please bear with me and continue to do good. Take every criticisms as a challenge to do better. Rest assured that I don’t keep grudges. Let’s pray for high ratings and more shows this year.

All the best in 2015! May the coming year bring us more love, prosperity, peace and happiness!!! Cheers to good health and long life! Happy New Year!❤️



I am sitting inside a dance studio, listening to an acting coach give a talk to a group of actors. I am not a part of this workshop. Sadly, I cannot act but I love watching people act. It is my job! I came here today to observe and listen and somehow get a grip on the people I am going to work with.

As much as I wanted to listen intently, I find myself thinking something else. I worry too much and sometimes I dread thinking the worst. I wanted to stay home but I will feel guilty knowing my staff are working. I may end up worrying.

When you lead a team, it’s a must that you are in control no matter how confusing the situations are. The decisions that lies in my hand are often too scary to do but I have learned to toughen myself and take the risks. Though there are moments that I need to pretend I am in command. The truth is, there are times that I really am unaware of what to do next. I still grope regardless of expertise and experience.

Every time I feel scared, I look back to the days when I was struggling to get into this network. I try to remember how I was when I landed my first job, my first show and miraculously I would feel more determined and confident to make decisions.

I want to think that fear is something you can control, something you can distort to your advantage or something you can defeat if only I can do anything without being scared. Apparently, I have avoided doing some things because of fear. I chose to conquer fear when it comes to work but not when it comes to pleasure and recreation. I do not get the point of riding a roller coaster or jumping down in a building. Riding a roller coaster in Hongkong only escalated or probably triggered my fear of heights. I am working hard to get over that experience and feel normal when I see a roller coaster. I am glad that I tried zip line and sky walk. Peer pressure helps sometimes.

Photo courtesy of Crown Regency Hotel.