Helping Without Really Being Asked For Help

I don’t go around malls watching people or making eye contact. I barely recognize people because I am too absorbed with myself or my intension for going to the mall but today, I don’t know what force came over me. I don’t think I am sad or depressed either. I don’t have a major problem. On the contrary, I woke up happy and excited to go to SM Cubao to
register for voting. 
I must really be growing old to be this sentimental when I hardly know this old lady. I don’t even know her story and yet I feel like crying with her. I bumped into her outside Pizza Hut SM Cubao this morning while I was waiting for the van to pick me up. She was teary eyed and trying to hold hersel from crying. She was probably around 70 to 75 years old. She was alone. She was carrying a small plastic with papers. I assumed they were medical records and prescriptions. I heard her asked a security guard where to find Mercury Drug. I watched her and followed her from a far while she goes in and out from one establishment to another around SM Cubao. I am drawn to her. I don’t know why. It’s like I feel her pain or something. It’s like she’s calling for me and I couldn’t go without talking to her. I was thinking I would really regret if I don’t approach this lady.
From the looks of it, she was asking for help, soliciting money. I stood out in front of Great Image while she talked to a guy inside. She was probably explaining. I waited for her to come out. I know she didn’t get any help when she walked out and proceeded to GQ Barber Shop because I asked the guy myself. I was standing outside GQ waiting for her to come out when the van arrived honking on the other side of the street.
So when she came out from GQ Barber Shop, I gathered the courage to call her and personally ask what she’s doing. She asked me why and told me that she saw me looking and following her. She just said a few words and I couldn’t contain what I felt. I cried before she even became teary eyed. She tells me her son and grandson are both in the hospital and she’s asking for monetary help because she’s the only one left to care for them. I didn’t finish listening to her story, I couldn’t because I feel like I was on the verge of breaking down myself. It’s like my heart is gripped so hard that it hurts. I gave her a 500 peso bill, the only money I brought with me, and held her hand. I told her in tears that I hope they get better soon. She thanks me and I left. I stopped myself from crying on the way to work. I don’t want the driver to question me.
I pray that her son and grandson survive whatever illness they have right now and they be of good health. I pray that more people will notice her and have a heart to hear her story and help her.