The Best Of 2017

The best ways to describe year 2017: freaking scary, unexpected, life-changing, liberating, love, love and more love!❤️❤️❤️

January. US visa was approved. February. Came back to Coron for a birthday trip. AlDub soap premiered. March. Went by with tapings and endless bashing. April. I was back exploring Polilio Island in Quezon. Barely surviving stress! I’m a monster at work. May. BTS Live Trilogy Episode III concert. Survived! Relieved! Short trip to Baguio City with Demboy and Mamadoy. June. First mountain to conquer in 2017, Mt. Mag-asawang Bato in Tingloy, Batangas. Team building in Shercon Resort and Ecology Park in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. Canadian visa approved. Flew to Sterling, Virginia, USA. Bill and I personally met at the airport for the first time. Off we go to Louisville, Ohio. July. Celebrated 4th of July together and I was off with the dela Paz’s to Canada. First stop: Ontario and then the Oribiana’s in Toronto, Canada. Crossed the border back to US. Home bound. August. Art and Roc’s wedding day in Tagaytay. Explored the falls in Bolinao, Pangasinan with Mean. Waiting. Hurting. In pain. Made a life-changing decision. September. Masungi Georeserve trip. Reflecting. Thinking. Still Hurting. First movie didn’t push through. Waiting. Bored. Impatient. October. Happy Project first shooting day! November. Visited Montemaria Shrine, Batangas. Applied for a Schengen visa. December. Schengen visa was approved. Happy Project Team flew to Zurich, Switzerland for the St. Gallen shoot. First snow and winter experience!🙈 2017 is epic!❤️


Welcome 2015!


2014 is one challenging year. Until the very end, I am still conquering time and trying to meet the impossible but I have no right to complain. My blessings are outpouring throughout the year. There may have been snags and pain but not enough to break my spirit. Nothing comes easy. Behind the hardships there are beautiful memories worth remembering each day. There are experiences that I faced myself and never regretted because I acquired learnings.

I took part on three beautiful shows in 2014: Rhodora X, My Destiny and soon to air Once Upon A Kiss. Jennylyn Mercado was a revelation. The efforts she and the other cast gave to the show were overwhelming. They were very supportive until the final day. I could not deny the chemistry of Mark and Jen as well as Tom and Carla. My first out of the country shoot happened in Singapore for My Destiny. Bb. Joyce Bernal remains to be one of the most grounded and down to earth director. I am in awe with her ideas in My Destiny. Working with her again in Once Upon A Kiss was a blessing. I look forward to seeing our show on air this year.

I finally conquered Sagada and Banaue Rice Terraces. It was the most memorable out of town trip this year followed by Baler and Cebu City.

I made new friends and lost some along the way but nonetheless I remained hopeful. I had to let go of some people as much as it pains me to see them go.

Let me thank you all for being a part of my 2014. This year will never be awesome without you all.

To my family, thank you for the unconditional love, patience and understanding. My brother got married and we gained an instant family member. It was the best decision he made and we were there to support him. My parents made time to be there and set aside their differences.

To my friends, thank you for keeping me sane and happy, thank you for being my distraction when life gets tough. It gets easier each day when you know you have friends to lean on.

To everyone at work, I love you all and I am so grateful to have you around. If I fail to notice your hardwork or show my appreciation, I apologize. Forgive me if I may have been cruel to you at some point. Know that I regret every harsh words that I had to say. Understand that we aim for the best always so please bear with me and continue to do good. Take every criticisms as a challenge to do better. Rest assured that I don’t keep grudges. Let’s pray for high ratings and more shows this year.

All the best in 2015! May the coming year bring us more love, prosperity, peace and happiness!!! Cheers to good health and long life! Happy New Year!❤️


Losing Patience

I pray to have more courage, more patience and more understanding. I pray to have more faith not only to myself but to everyone around me. I seek forgiveness for all the ill thoughts that I have. I apologize for the hurtful things I say. I try as much as I can to never break my silence but like any other people, I find it futile to be indifferent. Aggression and hostility are two intensifying feelings that seem to cloud each day. Hypocrisy will never be my thing. If at some point, I have come to ignore you as a person and avoided looking at you, I think it’s a cue that I have had enough and I do not want to take any more shit from you or from anyone. How many chances do I owe you? Until when do I need to take all these? What I don’t understand is how can you be around people when you’re selfish? How do you go about stepping on other people? So please be considerate. Be kind. Be mindful of the feelings of others. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? How would you feel if we reversed roles? Karma is a bitch. I always believe in it. Don’t expect pity from me because I will certainly laugh at you when karma strikes.


Single at 34


Some years ago, my dad used to remind me these:

1. Never to get pregnant while still in school;

2. Finish school and have a degree;

3. Find a work that pays well;

4. Marry at the age of 26;

5. And have children before you reach 30 years old

I did the first 3 items. But totally ignored the last two. Hahahaha! I just haven’t met the man of my dreams.

I am single at 34 years old. Never been engaged or married. Never been a mother to any child. Quit judging and making assumptions why I’m still single because I will tell you myself.

I am not a man hater. I don’t think I’m ugly neither am I stupid. I am very normal, just a regular working human being. I am not a loner. I have friends, believe it or not. I’m quite popular. I’m bragging. Hahahaha!

Modesty aside, I had suitors as early as 12 years old but I fell in love once in highschool, once in college and once when I started working. My first love was unreciprocated so I concentrated on getting higher grades to ignore the feelings. In college, it was a mutual understanding but he graduated ahead of me and got married while I was still in school. It was painful and I was broken hearted big time! My first and only serious relationship happened when I started working. A complicated relationship for a first boyfriend? Stop! I know. I was young, in love, gullible and foolish. It lasted for almost 12 years. I endured it for as long as I can. I used to think that life will end without him. Unfortunately, I was wrong. One day, I woke up my fears all gone and realized how crazy I have been so I called it quits. No regrets. Apparently, my decision to be free made me more happier and stronger.

Being single is a choice and a deliberate decision and I am not closing my doors to any possibilities but I am also prepared for the inevitable. I am unafraid to grow old alone and without children. If this is my destiny so be it. I have lived a life with love and I’m glad I had the privilege to experience that. It took a while for me to realize that I should also live to love myself. It may sound selfish but it’s true.

Life and Sunset

Sunsets are picturesque and like a photo, we endeavor to get that same image in our lives but most of the time it’s impossible to keep picture perfect moments. Emotions don’t last forever. It changes from time to time on varying intensity. However you feel today, remember that it comes and goes around. You can’t remain sad for too long. Happiness will gradually reach you. Have faith! A wonderful day to all! ❤❤❤




It’s September! Time flies too fast. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas and we’re welcoming another year. So before the year ends, forget and forgive. ( I need to remind myself too. 😜 ) Do not dwell on hate for life is so much better when you’re free from grudges. Happy thoughts everyone! A blessed Sunday to all of us! ❤

Spending some quality time with my family. My brothers were in a good mood today. We hardly see each other. I think they missed me. Hahahaha!😂

Taping Like Usual

Friday, June 21

Working like usual. It’s been raining everyday since Tuesday. This weather hampers work. We’ve been facing delays on our shoot. But no matter how terrible the weather is, the show must go on particularly now that it’s been showing progress in terms of ratings. For some reasons, everyone seems curious to find out who the real Anna Karenina is. I really don’t know. And even if I know, I can’t tell. It’ll remain a secret until the show reveals it.

Wednesday, June 26

Now on our third day of taping. Three consecutive days of shoot since Monday. One of our artists got sick already. We had to change our schedule from a boutique to school sequences. We’re taping in Central College of the Philippines. It’s humid around here but we’re coping up. Everyone’s in a good mood. There’s plenty of food coming in from friends. The crowd isn’t so rowdy as I expected. We’re hopeful to finish our schedules for today.

The ratings are doing good. We hope to kee it up like that.