Sharing A Table

I went inside a coffee shop to look for a table where I can charge my dead batt phone. It was full packed. All tables are occupied. I approached a girl sitting alone in a corner table and asked permission to share. I don’t drink coffee but for the sake of sharing a table I bought a drink and something to eat. I never bothered starting a conversation with the girl since her earphones are on plus I’m too preoccupied with my phone. After a while, she finally left and I have the table to myself. 

Suddenly, someone is asking to share the table with me. I wish I could say no. So now I am back to sitting with a stranger but this time it’s a guy. I’m not quite sure about the gender though. I lack the ability to know who is who. Hahahaha!
He started setting up his Lenovo laptop on the table and I just watched discreetly. I can’t decide whether to talk to him or just ignore him completely. I just plugged my phone on the socket so it will take time to charge it completely. Ignoring him is kinda easy. The idea of talking to him on the other hand is making me feel uncomfortable. I would look like a weirdo if I suddenly struck a conversation with him. So I am writing this on my notes as an effort to divert my attention and avoid getting caught staring. It’s rude to stare.
I am bored. Clearly I have been bored sitting here in front of a stranger. I noticed he kinda look smart with his glasses on. Handsome? I don’t think so. At least not in my standards. He’s cute though. He’s busy tinkering his laptop. I’m curious about what he’s typing but I don’t dare say a word. He seemed nice… probably because he needs a table for his work. 

How do random meetings happen? I mean at this age I never tried it. I have always been skeptical and guarded around strangers. I fear meeting a freak or a murderer in the process. I just can’t seem to trust people nowadays no matter how much I wanted to. 
I wanted to get up and leave but I need to charge this damn phone so I’m stuck pretending to be indifferent. He suddenly stood up. I thought he’s going to charge his phone but he said he’s ordering. I need to leave by 6pm to pick up my watch. I’m thinking if I have the guts to start a conversation. He seems harmless.
At 36, I’ve done the scariest things and overcame the most complicated relationships but I cannot handle starting a conversation with a stranger. My emotional IQ is very low. Hahahaha! 
I have 25 minutes left to struck a conversation or maybe create a friendship. I’m over thinking again. I would probably look desperate in his eyes. But why would he think that way? He doesn’t know. I do not know him. How can he judge me. Besides, I never wanted to mingle. I was fine sitting on my own and enjoying the solitude. He approached this table to sit with me.
According to his grande mocha frap, his name is Alvin. Hahahaha! I’m a keen observer. My pride is keeping me from talking. 
I stayed quiet but I am really bored. So he suddenly started a conversation by asking if I’m waiting for someone. I was surprised. I said no. I’m charging my phone and I laughed. I don’t know how but I sort of asked him what he’s doing and if he’s a teacher. He tells me he’s a Sales Manager and he’s finishing his report. I was… “Oh I see.” Just when we were about to talk again, a girl approached our table. She must be a girlfriend. I’m making assumptions. I am so freaking ashamed of myself but I didn’t leave. She asked to sit with us too. I tell myself that I will leave when my alarm rings. She isn’t a girlfriend. I’m guessing she’s a co-worker based on what they’re discussing. I think she resigned from her former work. I am trying to continue writing this story to avoid eavesdropping. Thank God for the noise because I can hardly hear what they’re talking about even if I’m sitting close.
And we’re done! My alarm rang. I suck! I didn’t leave. I gave myself another 15 minutes to watch them. And I am listening to what they’re talking… Hahahaha! 
They’re probably acquaintance. There was no sexual tension between them. They’re comfortable with each other not too comfortable that you’d think there is some crazy romance going on around them. 
They stood and leave together. They’re going out for a dinner if I heard it correctly. They’re dating? Hahahaha! 
Maybe I should to this more often. This kind of experience makes me want to write.